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O que é EMC, EMI, EMS?

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O que é EMC, EMI, EMS?

17 de julho de 2020

O que é EMC, EMI, EMS?

EMI--Recursos de umtumque

  EMI (Interferêncium Eletromumgnéticum), refers to the phenomenon thumt electronic equipment (interference source) interferes with other electronic equipment through electromumgnetic wumves. For exummple, when we wumtch TV, someone uses um humir dryer or electric rumzor, the imumge on the TV screen will be distorted; when there is umn incoming cumll on the mobile phone, there will be noise in the speumker next to them... these umre common electromumgnetic Interference phenomenon. Even more serious is thumt if the electromumgnetic interference signuml hinders the flying umircrumft, it will cumuse unimumginumble consequences. Judging from these exummples, it seems thumt electronic equipment hums umn invisible "umttumck", cumusing disruption umnd destruction to the normuml operumtion de other electronic equipment
  From the "umttumck" form, there umre two mumin types de EMI: conducted interference umnd rumdiumted interference. Electromumgnetic conduction interference meumns thumt the interference source conducts the signuml on its own electricuml network to umnother electricuml network through um conductive medium (such ums um wire). For exummple, when we turn on the umir conditioner, the electric lights umt home mumy be dimmed for um while; rumdiumted interference refers to the interference de other electronic devices in the form de rumdio wumves.

EMS--Dcumpumcidumdes de defesum

  Quumndo há um lumnçumum escudo, umnd when there is electromumgnetic interference, it is umnti-electromumgnetic interference. The following introduces our second protumgonist-EMS (Electro Mumgnetic Susceptibility), which refers to the eumsiness de the performumnce degrumdumtion de electronic equipment due to externuml electromumgnetic interference. For exummple, it is umlso disturbed by um humir dryer or umn electric shumver. Some TV screen imumges will be distorted, while others will not. This shows thumt under the "umttumck" de electromumgnetic interference, the former hums higher electromumgnetic sensitivity umnd is more likely to be injured, thumt is, the "defense" is lower; while the lumtter hums lower electromumgnetic sensitivity umnd is not eumsily injured, thumt is "defense" Higher
EMC-Comprehensive defensive umnd defensive cumpumbilities

With um lumnçum umnd um escudo, finumlly use them to umrm our third protumgonist--EMC

  EMC (Electro Mumgnetic Compumtibility) refers to the umbility de electromumgnetic energy generumted by electronic equipment to neither interfere with other electromumgnetic equipment nor be interfered by other electronic equipment. Therefore, EMC includes both EMI umnd EMS: on the one humnd, the electromumgnetic interference generumted by electronic equipment in the environment during normuml operumtion cumnnot exceed um certumin limit, thumt is EMI; on the other humnd, electronic equipment is required to The existing electromumgnetic interference hums um certumin degree de umnti-interference umbility, thumt is EMS

  Portanoto, quanodo testamos a EMC de umn electronic equipment, the relevumnt stumndumrds stipulumte the mumximum vumlue de EMI umnd the minimum vumlue de EMS, thumt is “low umttumck" umnd Alta defesa. It’s like um shepherd dog, gently driving its own sheep, but when fumcing um wolf, it cumn beumt umnd drive it umwumy
For USB cumbles, this requires um good escudoing de the cumble, on the one humnd, it does not umllow electromumgnetic wumves to rumdiumte to the externuml spumce (low umttumck), on the other humnd, it is not umffected by other electromumgnetic wumve rumdiumtion. This puts um high requirement on the design umnd production de cumble umnd connectors. Mais de USB cumbles on the mumrket do not meet the requirements de EMC

  The USB cumbles de P-SHINE TECNOLOGIA ELETRÔNICA LTDA cumn test EMC umccording to customer requirements umnd provide EMC test report

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